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Derusting & Rust Removal

Obertec Limited offers a rust removal service for our customers. This process is similar to rust inhibiting, but derusting process removes only the...
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Vibratory Peening

Combined Controlled Shot Peening And Vibratory Polishing Combining the benefits of two proven technologies creates a perfect low Ra surface finish that improves...
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Fine Finishing

At Obertec Limited the final surface finishing is always our first consideration. Before we proceed, there is a process of evaluation in place...
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Dry Deburring

Deburring machines come in wet and dry varieties. Obertec Limited offers both types of machinery and both methods of finishing processes. Dry machines...
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Rust Inhibiting

Surface rust is an unwelcome phenomenon during the humid days of summer. Whether the parts are manufactured locally, or rusted during a sea...
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Gauging is a service where the customer supplies us with certified gauges to check the tolerances of the part after any of our...
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Almen Testing

An Almen strip is a thin strip of SAE 1070 steel used to quantify the intensity of a shot peening process. This test...
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Washing & Cleaning

As part of our portfolio of production finishing services, at Obertec Limited we offer several parts washing and cleaning processes to remove particulate,...
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Shot Blasting

With our more than 40 years of experience in the field of surface preparation, at Obertec Limited we are a leading provider of...
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Shot Peening

The shot peening is a modern technique of metal parts surface work hardening, widely spread in the aircraft and the car industries. This...
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Shawn Gibson

CEO, Business Owner

I will never use another finishing company. Obertec is number one. No looking back. Top NOTCH! I highly recommend it.

Janssir H.

Systems Manager

Obertec has been providing me with a full finishing solution for long time. The best I have ever had. Thanks.

Kim L.

Returning Customer

I will never send my products anywhere else. Fast, accurate, reliable and afordable... What else could I ask for?

Stacey M.

Business Manager

I entirely depend on Obertec for any finishing I have. Trouble free solution. Fast, accurate, you name it. Great!

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